Karnataka College of Percussion TAS Mani's
TAS Mani accompanying MS Subbhalakshmi
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About Us

The Karnataka College of Percussion was started in early 1964 by Sri T.A.S. Mani at the inducement of his late father Sri T.P. Arunachala Bhagavathar, Sister Smt. Jayam and Bhagyam and his professional colleagues Sriyuths Bellary Brothers to impart training in percussion instruments. By virtue of his performance, experience for over three decades, this institution has never lagged behind in its progress. This institution has been successful in creating awareness of Indian Classical music among the younger generation by training them on various classical percussion instruments.

Mr. Mani had his own apprehension if he could be a successful teacher and his school could turn-out to be a big institution. Now, this institution has grown to great heights and has achieved the purpose for which it was started, thanks to the interest evinced by the students, their parents and the encouragement by the senior musicians. By research, innovation and knowledge acquired from his guru Late Sri Palghat C.K. Ayyamani Iyer, Mr. Mani has trained over a hundred students. Due to his dedicated teaching, many of his disciples are accompanying most of the veteran musicians of the day claiming their appreciation. A good number of students from abroad have received training in this college notable among them are Mrs. Louise Kidder of USA, Tunji Beier, Ron Reeves and Gary France of Australia, Christian, Ralph from Germany. Many students from this institution have toured different parts of the world at the invitation of the host countries to perform before a large gathering. Indian Council for Cultural Relations has recognized this institution by giving opportunity to represent our country in various music festivals. We are also proud that many cultural delegates from other countries to India have visited this college and commended its working. This institution has to its credit a number of Audio-Cassettes, LPs and CDs releases in India and abroad.