TAS Mani – the Mridangam teacher

Mani is a living legend in the field of teaching South Indian Percussion music. He started his teaching career five decades back and has trained an unparalleled number of students. He has one of the highest number of trained professionals who are performing across the country as professionals. Mani’s student family has also grown over four generations.

His teaching method is easy to follow and slowly makes the student participate in the learning process hereby increasing his or her passion and interest in the field of percussion music. Every student is analyzed for their strength and is made to take in the percussion instrument suitable to his or her strength. Even the style of playing is attuned to their strengths. There are a large number of artists thus created over years of learning. This style of tutoring has also enabled him to create a host of first generation artists who have moved to professional platform.

On understanding the interest among students in the percussion music he founded the Karnataka College of Percussion(KCP) in 1964. Since inception, KCP under Mani’s guidance has nurtured and created artists of National and International repute. There are six branches of this institution in Bangalore and two locations outside Bangalore. This has enabled students from various locations to have easy access to learn percussion music.

Mani is also on the teaching faculty at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Bangalore for percussion music. He has served for eight years as lecturer in the Bangalore University, music department. He is also a member of the ‘Audition Board’ of the All India Board and has also served as the Chief Examiner for the Percussion Exams conducted by the Music Examination Board, Government of Karnataka. He is also a member of the short term diploma course of the University of Poland. He has given numerous lecture demonstrations across India and in Universities across the world. Apart from students in India, Mani has also trained professionals from outside India on South Indian Percussion music. He has given lecture demonstrations across India an din Switzerland, Germany Australia, Austria etc.